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WP Universal theme - Divi vs. Betheme/Avada/Enfold - Kira999 - 12-15-2018


for my first own website I'm looking for the best possible WP Universal Theme.
2-3 years ago I was having a look at BeTheme and I liked it because of the variety of templates.
However the customizability was very poor so I needed to "hack" the theme files for more in depth modifications.
While coding can be fun, it consumes also much more time.
I'm looking to decide between Divi/Betheme/Avada/Enfold
Nowadays SEO is the thing to go for if you want a good ranking at google, so SEO and page speed should already be a part of the comparisation.
Also I'd like to be able to have a visual GUI like editor on board for the themeforest options.
Among those 4 is there any real recommendation for any of those alternatives?


It appears Enfold is a pretty SEO/Pagespeed optimized theme.
I checked multiple Demo Theme sites with Google Pagespeed Developer Tool.
Is Thrive maybe even more recommendable?

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