Publish0x - Earn Crytpocurrency by Blogging and Reading

Started by samhamou, 04-13-2019

Publish0x - Earn Crytpocurrency by Blogging and Reading
  04-13-2019, 09:40 PM (This post was last modified: 04-13-2019, 09:43 PM by samhamou.)
I know you guys love blogging and reading since you are here. Now i have found a platform that allows every user to earn cryptocurrency be either blogging or just reading the post. Meet Publish0x!

Yes, a Steemit but with a twist and no - you cannot invest there. Every user starts equal and needs to build his way up. At least for now as it is in beta probably in future you will be able to deposit and withdrawal coins but for now - everyone is on the same page.

I suggest registering right now before reading ends as they approve people manually and with this post a few new souls may come so CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (open in new window) while continuing to read.

[img=0x0][/img][Image: QmReKaJy1W8dgSruySSYPHQoDq9ixtxsm1NCoEzi1cUssb]

Everyone is tipping from public pool of different cryptos (for now 2 supported but in future more and more can be added!) and chooses how much one wants to keep and how much to give to the post author. Publish0x is crypto-agnostic and doesn’t have its own token. Rather, it pays out in any number of ERC-20 compliant tokens that can be traded on different exchanges.
[Image: QmQ24b8ncqWXXbf5Az9TBMyofYeXZANK3jRgU2o1zH1LQG]

So yes you can even give 50/50 to yourself and the author or even give yourself more than the author..

You can see my profile here - (and follow of course!)

And for example, read an article - y5eVO61aEP

One account - many blogs
Whats unique for Publish0x is that you can create loads of blogs and apply post to them. This way one author who likes many niches can post about many things and have different audience on each without making few accounts (thats what im missing here actually).

Publish Only Your Own Content
Since its semi decentralized if you abuse or steal content - they can remove your stuff. And this is good. No more profile fakers and cheaters.

Like it? Join it!


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