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LoL PH Forums

Started by vipzclub, 04-28-2019

LoL PH Forums
  04-28-2019, 08:29 AM
Have you ever dropped by our Forums to report a concern or discuss topics with your fellow Summoners? We have more than 290,000 registered users and tons of threads created over the past few years in our Forums. What do Summoners get by joining our Forums?
[Image: Forums_Facebook_650.png]
The League of Legends Philippine Forums is a place where you can discuss ideas about the game, provide game play advice, strategies, and talk about anything under the sun with your fellow Summoners. It is also our official channel for reporting issues such as account-related concerns. We also provide assistance with any technical difficulties that you may experience that is also related to the game. We encourage players to drop by and mingle with your everyone, share your ideas and help other players on their journey to be Legendary. A lot have been asking, how do you register and report an issue from the Forums?
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Here are the steps on how to join our Forums:
Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Login using your Garena username and password.
Step 3. Select the appropriate section to post your concern or ideas. Don't worry about posting in the wrong section because our Vanguards will definitely help you out on moving it to the right one.
Step 4. Once you've selected a section, look for the "NEW THREAD" button located on the upper left portion of the page.
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Step 5. It will take you to a new page where you can start your topic. Choose a specific title and type in your thoughts on the message box. You can explore the feature available from the editing toolbar as well.
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Step 6. Click on "Submit New Thread" and check on your post from time to time to check on responses. 
Reminder! Be sure to read our Forum Rules and Guidelines. If you started a discussion, responses would depend on the topic that you created. For reports, you should get an answer within 1-2 days. You may follow-up on your post by bumping them every 24 hours to avoid spams.

Let's talk about the different sections in our Forums!
Announcements Section
[Image: Forums_2.PNG]

You will see most of our updates from the Announcements sections. Some examples would be upcoming changes such as Dev Blog articles, new Champions and Skins as well as our Patch Notes. The Events and Promotions sections contains all Champion and Skin sales as well as events may it be an in-game, Facebook or official Forum events.


[Image: Forums_3.PNG]
Support Section

There are 3 sub-sections to keep reports organized. 


I. Account Support


The Account Support sections is where you can report problems such as missing items, Champions or Skins or any errors related to your accounts. You may also follow up on existing Customer Support Ticket here


II. Technical Support


There have been a lot of technical-related concerns from our fanpage, however, this section is where you are supposed to report them. Our Vanguards help with troubleshooting and ask for details to further investigate on issues. If you encounter issues on patches, network problems as well as bugs, this section is the perfect place to get help and assistance. 


III. Reporting Section


If you ever experience getting spammed with phishing sites, report them here for us to take action as soon as possible. As for failed RP conversions, if after re-launching your client and the problem stills persists, let us know about the details and we'll work on it from here.


[Image: Forums_4.png]

World of Champions


This section is dedicated for all League of Legends discussions. Share your epic strategies, thoughts on new Champion as well as Skin releases etc. If you are a beginner, you can learn a lot from this Section. We have prepared guides, FAQs and we are 100% sure that you'll get a lot of help from your fellow Summoners here!



Get to ask GG.Sphere and GG.Java about the latest buzz on tournaments from this section! Updates regarding PGS and all other tournaments are provided here on a daily basis.


Twisted Tree Line


Do you need a duo partner, a clan or need to form a ranked team? This is the best section for you! Rank up and get to meet more friends sharing the same interest here!


[Image: Forums_5.png]
Off-Topic Discussions


Let's not miss the most exciting section, we have our off-topic section wherein you can free your mind and discuss anything! You'll see topics about KPoP, Anime, different Talk!Talk! channels, get to see amazing fan arts, name it, our creative and talented forum members have it all for you!


So, what are you waiting for? It only takes a few clicks away! Don't miss the fun, visit our League of Legends Philippine Forumstoday!

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