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Started by Agent Telsa, 07-10-2019

OGForum | Marketplace & General Discussions Forum
  07-10-2019, 09:38 PM
Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Tesla and I'm one of the administrators at OGForum. OGForum is a marketplace & general discussions forum where the primary focus is buying, selling, trading and exchanging. You can find new friends, high quality content and a lot of help for anything you may want. We're aiming to be a more efficient, more transparent and generally a fairer marketplace community than other similar forums. Everything provided on OGForum is free and will always be free.

This may all sound very familiar to many of you so please bear with us. Who are we? The administration of this forum are a splinter cell of users from a similar site which I will not mention. Those of you familiar with that forum will know that they recently suffered catastrophic data loss resulting in a time warp 6 months ago, leaving much of the user base alienated and concerned at how things were being managed over there. It's clear that people with the experience and know-how to run a website properly were required to do something about the situation as such an egregious violation of trust cannot be forgiven.

So, why choose us? What promises can we make to you?
  • We aim to have a fair & transparent marketplace.

  • An impartial moderation team.

  • All the usual features you're accustom to. Nothing too complex. We like keeping it modern & simple.

  • Experienced management, MyBB best practices such as ACID data integrity and Argon2i password hashing.

  • Numerous giveaways, contests & events to giveback to the community as much as possible.

Things are a little rough around the edges currently, but we'll be working hard to get things in-place in a timely manner. OGForum was born out of necessity like many other forums, but very few have the knowledge and ambition to run a forum well. Thank you for taking the time to read this advertisement thread, I really hope you join us. There's going to be so much more coming in the immediate and near future. Have a good day! :)

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