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Anyone of you had a lifechanging event?

Started by ShidoSan, 08-13-2019

Anyone of you had a lifechanging event?
  08-13-2019, 01:31 PM

I have an aneuysm in my brain. It popped round about a year ago and I nearly passed away. I was in coma like 5 minutes after I called the ambulace.
In hospital they could fix it tho and after an 10 hour surgery I was fine for the moment. I still could die in any moment, but it wasn't sure that I'm about to die anymore.
I woke up out of coma 5 weeks after the surgery. At this poit I was stable and out of lifedanger. One week later the put me in Reha for 9 month, enough time to learn how to walk and [censored].
Well, before the event I was sitting in my room smoking dope all day. Now I'm going back to school and beeing a good "child" (I'm 18). So I think it was sort of a good thing that this happened!?

So I want to hear your story, if there is any.

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